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I'm not one to write about the mushy stuff, never been open to embracing my sentimental side (as I've said before, I'm way too macho for that lol), but I'll allow myself go for the one time (one time for the one time), besides I'm brimming right now and need an outlet; so I write.
I always scorned the idea of love, didn't want it, didn't want to see it, not even smell it! Being the cynic I am, the concept of an unconditional devotion seemed a little too far fetched for me, perhaps stemming from a deep rooted fear of commitment, but like most human beings I secretly imagined what it'd be like. I always used to think love was this unstoppable force of nature - that when it hit you, you'd just know, it wouldn't be ignorable, a testament to its larger than life portrayal in the movies and other media I'd filled my head with.
And then it happened, perhaps I got sloppy...No!, I allowed it. There were no theme songs, neon lights or fireworks (no than…
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‘no man is a failure, who has friends’ – It’s a beautiful life
Friend /frɛnd/Old English frēond, of Germanic origin, from an Indo-European root meaning ‘to love’, shared by free. Free /friː/ able to act or be done as one wishes; not under the control of another.
This is not an article about NBC's beloved and highly successful TV show, no, what this is, is an appreciation for a little thing called Friendship. After all, who wants to go through the Mordors of Middle-Earth (for us mere mortals) without worthy companions like Sam, Pippin and MerryMary, friends to believe in you, nudge you in the right direction, pull you up when you're down or wrestle the Gollums of life with you (sorry, I love Lord Of The Rings). Of all human relationships, Friendships are probably the least prioritized and the most sacrificial. Parents, romantic partners and offspring are put above it. So what's so special about them, that makes them so endearing? Well for starters; Friendship is a living embod…


Rummaging through my stuff I found a draft I wrote 6 years ago, enjoy.
Honestly, corporate interviews suck, and are senseless! I mean what makes sense in a bunch of smug, pompous suits bombarding a guy with questions that supposedly enable them to gain insight into a person’s persona and ability when really, the interviewee can’t be honest or be him or herself in the first place?
I mean you have toiled your ass off in order to get here and hope you’re selected among the other numerous zombies applying for the same job….why do you have to lie? The fortunate ones; dream chasers, trust fund holders, inheritance bound kids, and nepotistic minions don’t have to go through this, It’s anything but a fair process, unfortunately we would say or do anything just to get hired. I recently went for an interview and will now parody that occasion, replacing what I said with what I wanted to. Check it out…
Disclaimer: If you’re broke, don’t try this at an interview or in fact anywhere!

Interviewer 1: Goo…


Lil Dicky's video for Pillow Talking is probably the funniest and most original video I've seen since Eminem's Stan. in this 11 minute long mini music film, Lil Dicky uses his brilliant comedic brain ( the real one) to paint the usually awkward situation of having to indulge in small talk when your very recent acquaintance  decides to spend the night after a romp in the sheets, however it quickly turns out that the only thing they agree on was the sex they just had, ranging from the existence of God, the Dinosaurs and Pangaea! (This Bitch don't know about Pangaea!!!) to how we kill our food.
Its simply hilarious and I've watched this too many times to count, I ABSOLUTELY appreciated this, and hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Once again Dave Burd shows us that comedic rap is a genre to be embraced and its not too late to get on the fan bandwagon. 24k brilliant!


Gee, let’s face it gents we’ve all been there, undecided, unable to cut our losses, wondering what the repercussions of making a choice will be, but some even have it harder when that choice means choosing one of two very different, but similarly special women.

That being said, a particular young man from Riverdale has had little to worry about for a while now (CW reboot aside), for 78 years Archie Andrews has co-dated or separately dated Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge at one time or the other - two friends who are as different as their hair colour but share a common desire and fondness for the ginger haired lad. It’s a real head ringer to fathom how given a situation like that, Archie still sucks air, he’s having the best of both worlds and it doesn’t look like it’ll be stopping anytime soon, but then again we don’t share Archie’s perpetual youthfulness or immunity towards aging, so while he’s in no haste to make a life altering decision, we are usually hard pressed for time to do so…


A truly rich man is one whose children run into his arms when his hands are empty.-Anonymous

My Dad, Brig. Gen. Foluso Oladele Kusimo (rtd) was, and still is in memory, a strong, intelligent, dedicated, honest and cheerful man. He sacrificed his years doing good for his family, without wanting or expecting anything in return. He set an example to his children for his integrity and loyalty. There wasn't anything my dad wouldn't do to make our lives better. His jovial, loving spirit was remarkable, along with his acceptance of everyone he knew.
My Dad was not a perfect man, he was like all men; flawed and fallible, no one is perfect, but he taught the perfect lessons; He taught you that there were no free meals and that only hard work would reap real long benefits, that short cuts were just what they were…short, that a man without a plan planned to fail, that kindness was a choice and that people would always misread this for weakness, that courage was a necessity, that life didn’…


I have looked into the abyss, and the abyss has looked into me. Neither liked what we saw. - Brother Theodore
As I sit in my cubicle, staring at my monitor, hot cup of coffee in hand, looking up the latest business news on Bloomberg, a routine I’ve become accustomed to every working day for some time now, but one I still approach with daily lethargy, my buttoned up collar tightly caressing my neck as though, I’m primed for the hangman. There’s an opaque blandness to all of it and it’s a feeling I am yet to become accustomed to. I feel bereft of purpose here, daily pangs of emptiness plague me, I yearn for more, to feed a passion, to matter, to truly contribute, I yearn…for fulfillment. I should not be here, I don’t belong here, I feel stifled and that neck tie becomes tighter by the minute, I’m a square peg in a round hole.

Like most of my peers I work at a white collar job, earn a decent pay slip  and with some dedication, commitment and a dash of sycophancy  could embrace this humdrum…